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From Traverse City, Michigan — 11/16/2009

I have been a busser at the TC OG for a year now before that I was a dishwasher for half a year. The work is hard but rewarding. The managers allowed me to move to busing because I showed them I was a hard dedicated worker. Traverse City is a huge tourist town. People come from every where until the snow falls. So were always busy making the tips great. During the summer we never come off a wait. We have about 2 mounths where its really slow and it picks back up again fast. There are a lot of druggies that work here but that is normal for collage age groups. The managers try but its hard for them to keep up with the fast pace here. Lots of co-workers come and go because they don't like the fast pace or just cant keep up. We have 2 CA's and one waiting in line to become one. The schedules are horrible, be prepared to work lots of 11am - 8-9pm shifts. Right now were short 1 busser for a shift and the managers dont seem to care, every thursday I end up working 9:15am to 9pm with one other busser that works 1:15 to close. I cant complain tho im getting use to it and now that were starting to slow before thanks giving Im still making a lil extra with out the other busser. Over all this place grows on you. You just have to learn to like it.
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