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From Pittsburgh, Pa — 11/01/2009

The pay in most resturants is about hte same for servers. 2.83/hr plus tips....however when you run your butt off for all you can eat soup salad and bread sticks its not worth it. i am sick and tired of waiting on people to get their 1.50 to 2.50 tip on the all you can eat. They think its so easy but all I do is run. I work as much as possible. With the economy the way it is maybe OG should take into consideration that we are not making much money and help us out with the hourly pay. With our benefits ya they may be ok (cept the medical at 31.00 a week only covers 15,000 hospitalization) but I never recieve a pay check because of the benefits coming out, which in turn makes me owe in federal and state taxes, because nothing is left for them to tax. Thanks.
As far as moving up within the company.. well they just tell you what you want to hear. 6 years later, trainer completed all my requirements and 5 of us still cant move up. I guess its time to say good bye to Olive Garden
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