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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Colorado Springs, CO — 11/08/2008

Pay: Considering that serving is job for people that are in college or utter failures in life, the pay is pretty good. If all you have is HS diploma then you are worth about $8/ hr. I'm a college student and I make twice that so I can't complain.

Respect: I get respect from my managers because I do my job without complaining. Many tables gives you respect and the people who are relentless even when you are giving 100%, probably have a crappy life.

Benefits: I don't use any of their benefits but they are really good considering you are only worth $8. with a H.S. diploma.

Work/Life balance doesn't exist. It feels like I am always there. That's ok because most of my coworks are my age and we get along. Many friends have been made at the OG. The unfriendly ones are usually the older servers. You'd hate everybody including yourself if you were still waiting tables at 30,40, or 50 years of age.

Career Potential: only there if you want to be a manager. OG managers make pretty decent money. Our GM makes over $100k.

Location: Our location is really bad with a terrible parking lot design. Still we are slammed many days of the week.

Co-worker competence: it's average considering the the workforce is made up college students and failures at life who are worth $8.

Work Environment: Great for a restaurant. I've worked at 4 different restaurants and both the OG's I worked at are by far the best.
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