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From orange,ct — 11/06/2008

Pay: anyone can work a lunch shift and make money if you stay on! Lunch shifts can average $80-$100 b/c lazy people go home… sorry you make 20-30. I work my ‘tail’ off and need the money. Usually when you’re in at 12 and out by 1:30 its b/c they have other strong people who want the work and money, who don’t complain- simple as that. I’m in college now and make more money now at the OG than I will starting out in my career; than most people will in theirs. Why you are complaining about people walking around like they don’t need the money- that’s more for you!

Benefits: manual is dummy proof-it’s even is Spanish. Yeah you have to figure it out and apply it to your own life, everyone is different. All you have to do is ask and someone will explain them to you… staff, managers, even the GM(he did for me).

Managers: #1-the gm is a great boss and leader. Your comment about the air-might not have been the most important thing on his plate at the time. Someone will always complain about it being too cold/hot(staff and guests)so you can’t please everyone. If he said “I don’t care” he prob meant it- would u prefer him to lie to you and tell u he’s changing it when he’s not? Trivial complaint u made. Oh and if you think people are afraid of him it’s b/c they are- and you are too for not saying this all to his face.

->side note: managers work 60+hour work weeks- if they are ‘hiding’ in the office or talking in the back it’s because they need to relieve themselves from complaining staff like yourself. When I need something I go to a blue card holder- they are there for a reason right? They usually can solve my problem ( I <3 tcg). U may not think they are working but the business doesn’t run itself- a lot goes on that u and I don’t know about. Just come in, do your job, and go home.

Job security: We have many people who are celebrating their 5,10, 15+years there-that’s amazing esp for a restaurant. People are dedicated and come in wanting to do their job (more than I can say for u) and no one bothers you unless your slacking.

Career potential: check the back of the news-letters we get-always a listing of people who are becoming growing w/the company. Darden is opening restaurants while the economy is forcing others to close down. Food for thought.

Clientele: deal with it! We work in a chain restaurant that caters to middle class America (including the “Canadians”). You signed up for it when you applied. Seniors who complain- wait until you’re that old. Working in the restaurant business-there are going to be people who are rude, who don’t tip well, who have screaming kids, demand great service for 0 tip. Yet you declined to mention the people who make your day by giving you that $50 tip at lunch or call you beautiful-even if you’re not.

I enjoy my job, the respect I get, and most of the people I work with. I consider to have made some very good friends there, perhaps the best. We should all examine ourselves before we judge others and their actions.
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