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From orange connecticut — 08/06/2008

the pay is the worst part of all. i work a 3 hour lunch shift, get cut off the floor and go home with about 20-30 dollars in tips. WOW! for a server at a real restaurant that is horrible. they offer benefits such as medical co-pay insurance or some kind of discounts, but they never explain them to you and then you have to figure it out by reading the manual and then apply for it yourself.

there is much respect and the entire staff is really good, but everyone there seems to not really need the money! they all are working while going to school or have another job that they make real money at. the one thing i can say negative about respect: the GM John Baillie is not the easiest guy to get along with. 90% of the staff there is either afraid of him or knows for a fact he does not like them. He seems to not like anyone except the other managers. and it is ok to NOT be buddy buddy with your employees, that is fine, but some things he just takes too far. For example, I told him "my guests are cold, can we lower the AC?" his response with a dead serious face and no inclination of joking whatsoever "I don't care" and then walked away. he wasn't joking and that is not the right attitude to give to your employees and is not the right attitude to have about the guests. if you feel that way, keep it to yourself.

the job security seems pretty good. as long as you follow the rules and try and do your job you won't be fired for the little things or the trivial ones. part of that is due to the fact that so many people willingly give their notice or just up and leave because they are not making enouhg money and can not stand the clientelle and the other things that are wrong with this particular olive garden.

most of the people who do stay there have 2nd jobs or need a really flexible schedule for one reason or another. the life balance for this job is great. you can work only 2 hours and then go home and have all day and all night to do what you need to. I came in at 12 and was out the door by 1:30 one day because things were just that slow. i made only 10 dollars that day.

there is really no career potential here. there is no moving up as far as i know. co workers. some are really wild and fun and do their work and are great. others are very kind and compassionate but lazy and do nothing. there is a small minority who complain all day long and do all of the work for everyone else, the rest of the staff is fun or nice or what not but do very little and are not team players.

work environment. the managers are NEVER on the floor. I can hardly ever find one when i need one because they like to hide in the office and pretend they are not in there. or they will stand around in the back talking to each other. there are two things that are very imprtant to know about this particular olive garden: we are being boycotted and we have a septic problem.

the septic from across the street at home depot backs up into our restaurant and makes the entire place stink. you can smell sewage around the entire restaurant. and the guests pretend they don't smell it! most of them come in anyways even if they can smell it and the servers pretend it isn't there. I nearly vomit most days when I go to work. they have had people try to fix it, but it still always stinks.there are few days when it isn't rancid and horrible.

All olive gardens are being boycotted right now, but ours is definitely being affected. every day that it doesn't rain we have 3 people standing outside with a huge sign that says "Darden restaurants build their empires on blood of the innocent" or something to that affect. Darden owns red lobster, olive garden, smokey bones and bahama breeze. they are abusing nicaraguan and honduran natives by sending them diving for lobsters uneducated and without equipment. these men go down and come back up either crippled or dead due to the bends. they aren't even being paid well to do it and they are impoverished so they don't care about the risks and are uneducated about it anyways.

about the clientelle who come in to eat at the olive garden: they are predominently seniors, and they can be the sweetest in the world or the most pushy impatient, and RUDE people you have ever met in your life. they come in and don't realize how long it takes for us to lug those stupid humongous trays around and then they complain about the service. Not just about me of course, but all of us. And, they will suck down a Complimentary bread, salad, or soup quicker than you can get the refill on their drinks. then they will tip you 10-20%, but 20% of a 20 check is only 4 dollars and then you have to tip out.
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