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From dallas tx — 06/18/2010

I worked for ON for 7yrs.
it was a fun place to work for..
yet there are many politics involved.

i was overlooked for many promotions. the women involved in deciding who got promoted were so 2faced. they only promote their friends. i did get a few promotions: front end sup, customer service sup, and lastly logistic supervisor. but my ultimate goal had been to become a salary manager. from what i hear now, only the GM is salary now.

(it's a good thing i left when i did. i am in a much better company now. and i'm salary and i make commission as well, and soon, i will be getting my own store. and the money is great.....)

i was a really hard worker and i did get top dollar for my work. money was not an issue there for me. i had a way of gettin what i wanted. it was respect.

they seem to hold on to their talent by false promises and ideas. Like, work at the regional store. its good exposure for you. exposure to what, may i ask? those regional people dont give a damn. they only care about their credit card. which is lame and pathic.
the promotions are decided by those same women, and the RM's and DM's eat up the crap they are fed.

in those 7yrs, i saw them loose so much true talent and strong managers. saw them hire really stupid people who had no idea what management was. all this over others who were better qualified.

it's sad because a lot of those individuals who got promoted are no longer in the company. one got fired for dishonesty, another didnt get their way and walked out. so to me it seems that they dont really nurish true talent. they let it go in favor of their friends who they go out and get drunk with. sad.......

i am not discouraging anyone from working there. you do meet some great individuals as well. i had the opportunity to learn so so much from managers who really cared about their jobs. i was trained and taught so much, yet in the end, it caused me great saddness to be overlooked. i dont kiss a$$ so maybe that was hard for those women to swallow.

i believe hard work is what sets you apart and above. its dedication and passion that should count. not whose arse you are kissing. or who you get drunk with.

it makes me sad to see friends of mine who are still there. still holding on to false promises after 10 yrs. not me. i dont play that game.

so if you are good at playing politics, management at ON is your place.
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