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From TN — 04/25/2010

I have worked with ON for a combined total of 5 years. I am currently a Pricing/Marketing Manager. I am expected to complete anywhere from 1,000 - over 6,000 markdowns every week, change out promotional signs at least once a week, LOD, sometimes open or close the store by myself, and maintain our uncontrollable clearance areas. I bust my ass every work day for a measly $9 p/h! Associates make close to what I make and don't do half of the work I do. Its SO frustrating. We have a ridiculously small store - so there is never any storage space. Our store is gossip city and everyone talks about each other behind their back then acts like their best friend to their face. Nobody respects each other. The majority of the employees hate their job but enjoy the discount. Needless to say, I work my butt off for minimum pay and don't feel appreciated. I would not recommend GAP inc. / Old Navy unless you're in high school and just looking for a job to pass the time. I'm working my way out the door to something bigger and better than lame ass Old Navy!
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