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From South Carolina — 04/24/2010

I'm not too sure about the reason(s) the majority of these comments are negative... this is a retail environment! When working for retail you SHOULD expect to work nights, weekends, and holidays; this is common sense. You SHOULD also expect to be required to push a companies credit card, this is how companies gain 'life-long' customers. In the sense of being a sales associates, these are mainly for teenagers in this company because they are quite flexible with school, exams, and other commitments you might have; at least, this is the case at my store. The store where I work is not afraid to fire individuals and will do so. We gained new management within the past 2 years and completely changed our sales, even so much as to where we were nominated to be the first Project One store in our district. We continuously lead sales, ONC, and competitions within our district mainly because each associate and manager is passionate about their job. We have fun outside of work and have fun while we are at work, too. This is the best job that I have had the opportunity of having. Just remember, if you don't like it -- no one is keeping you there but yourself.
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