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From New Hartford, NY — 12/31/2009

I have worked for several different retail and really feel the differeance with Old Navy. When I has hired I wasn't promised alot of hours. In fact they told me in the begining I could get as little as 4 hours a week but in time I would recieve more. I always work between 18-30 hrs a wk. Even in the begining. I feel I have recieved fairly adequate training, more then most places give anyway. And the communication door is always open. If I have a question about something my managers and co-workers are willing to help. I also feel that my managers create a friendly work enviornment. At some places I have worked in the past, the managers created a hostile work place and people were afraid to ask questions and I can recall a time where someone had a death in the family but was to afraid of the manager on duty to ask for the day of to go to the funeral.

I don't feel that way at Old Navy. I feel like we're a big family. Ya sure we have some issues, but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I realize not all Old Navy's are like this, but I feel I have lucked out because I really enjoy working with my co-workers including my managers. I even like them more than I like my actual family.
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