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From Michigan — 11/03/2009

I only read a few of the other reviews but I am SHOCKED that everyone hates working at Old Navy so much! Personally I love working for the company. I started at Old Navy as a sophmore in high school because I needed a part - time job and have been there ever since (I'm a senior in college now). The company is extremely flexible with allowing me to transfer to the Old Navy at my college and back home to my original Old Navy for holidays and weekends. I have to say I like the one at home much more but that is only beause I know the people there so well. Let's face it- retail sucks. But neither places are extremely demading. Whoever says they don't have a life while working at Old Navy is lying- or maybe people really just suck at managing their time. I put in over 40 hours a week and still have a life- the work is NOT that exhausting.

Why I LOVE working for Old Navy:
1) I was hired in at well above minimum wage and although I haven't expected much pay increase, I have recieved pay increases
2) Employee discounts- I shop at Old Navy a lot and the employee discount has improved. Gap makes an effort to take care of its employees
3) I feel like when I work hard it is recognized and I am working towards a group goal. My managers definitely respect me and respect the hard work that not only me, but my co-workers,do
4) I LOVE everyone I work with. I understand that is a conditional reason based on the specific store you work at, your personality, time spent at work, age differences, etc...but the reason I don't mind going in to work is because everyone else is so much fun to work with. I don't know a single person that LOVES working, but when you work with a bunch of people who love working with you, it makes life a LOT easier

Overall I just wanted to back up Old Navy. I don't know why so many people are writing how much they hate it and throwing out "DONT EVER WORK FOR THIS COMPANY" because personally I say, if you have the chance, WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. You have room to move up, you will be paid above minimum wage, you will DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY get the hours you want ( I don't know why people complain about getting asked to work extra--there are people dying out there to even have a job) WORK FOR OLD's FUN and rewarding and it's a great first- time job that doesn't demand a lot.
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