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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Enid, Ok — 10/10/2009

Pay is average in this area, but Old navy is very fair about giving well earned raises to employess who work hard. At our store our Manager continuously respects his employees and strives to have the other leaders administer the same equal respect towards the other fellow team members. I am part time so I do not have any benefits. In our store the hrs are is true if you work harder at your job then you get more hrs! That is fair though! We are respected with our availability and have the right to say yes or no to any extra hrs without facing consequences. We are never made to stay past the end of our shift and we are always appreciated when we can help for more hrs. As far as growth is concerned with our store, it can happen if there were openings, if an individual is good at thier job and qualified. Our location is great! We have some co workers who strive every day to do their best and then some that don't think they should do anything that day but show up. For the most part we work great as a team and the positive moral is there everyday. We are allowed to have fun while doing our job! Sure there are ups and downs at any job, but I believe I have a great job and a wondeful manager who does his job and his passion seems to flow over towards others and creates a great work environment. We do great on CES and ONC's, so somewhere the job is going good:)
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