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From NJ — 09/23/2009

My Old Navy store is awesome. I've been there 3 years, almost transferred a few times for other jobs but good thing I stayed. I have had 2 promotions within my store.

We all get along and have fun and that is what makes it a great place to work. While we have some employees who need a push to get things done, or to be taught things over and over, we all know we need to help each other to get the workload done with the amount of hours they give us.

I have read about other stores, but I can only give information on my store. While we are a smaller store (staff of around 30) our store is always very clean and delivers high CES results. (Customer Experience Survey). I always see the same people coming in and we all greet and help them.

Occasionally you get a rude customer but that is to be expected.

Now as for Old Navy Cards, yes you have to ask. But no we don't hound our customers. The reason managers want cards is yes, for business and money, but mainly because they get a bonus for the amount of cards their store opens.

Compensation is better than most retail stores and my benefits are Health, Vision, Dental, and just about everything else. Oh and PTO.

Maybe it's because we have fun, turn up the music, share the workload, all get along, ...but working at my store is a blast.
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