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From Memphis, TN — 09/22/2009

I have been working at Old Navy for a year and a half now. I have some good times and some bad times. I don't think that it's the company that is terrible, but I feel as though it's all who you work with. I have one manager in particular who is a complete bully. She's is absolutely awful and just mean. But on the other hand, my GM is totally awesome. The other managers/supervisors are pretty great, too. Although, I must comment on how one supervisor in particular...pretty incompetent. We all just shrug and wonder how she got the job.

Some are really great, some are really awful. Like most retail jobs, some associates buddy up with a particular supervisor and have a little "clique." It's pretty frustrating since we're supposed to be a "TEAM." What really happens is, these people buddy up and just simply don't do the work. The incompetent manager I pointed out above actually chewed me out one day for calling in a few times due to a severe sinus infection WITH A DOCTORS NOTE. And yet, she was allowing her "favorite associate" to carry his cellphone on the floor and call in/come in late whenever he pleased. It really drags down the moral of the store. Not to mention the bully supervisor we have. She actually had the audacity to put up a sign in our fitting room that said "The Fitting Room closes at 8:30pm!" Um, no it doesn't. She completely ignores company policy and just makes up her own rules on a whim. She even gave an associate only 10-20 minutes to size an entire department AND watch the fitting room just because she doesn't like the associate. The associate wasn't even supposed to be in the FR at the time. Said manager even had to guts to "tattle" on the associate to another manager. We are all just thinking "WTF!? This person is crazy!"
She is so mean to so many associates. I just don't understand why she has a job.

I don't mind my pay. But, after my first year of being "On Target! :)" I only got 14cents. I work so hard and so much that I thought, "Surely I'll at least get the .25 raise." I was wrong. But, I'm still grateful since our min. wage was only like 6 dollars and some change when I started. I definitely feel as though the raises should be a little more generous to those of us who work our butts off for the store.

Work/Life Balance:
I must say, our GM (who handles the schedules) is very flexible and awesome when it comes to needing a certain availability for school and stuff. Our schedules even alternate Fridays and Saturdays for us so we're not stuck working ALL WEEKENDS ALL THE TIME. It's pretty great. And if something comes up last minute, they really try to work with you. If nothing can be done, they're pretty apologetic about it but remain professional. Aside from the two not-so-great supervisors, the other three are pretty on point about understanding the associates. They "get" that we're not doing this for a career, most of us are just trying to work our way through school.

Aside from the employee discount, these don't apply to me as I am part-time.
I, personally, wanted to find room to grow. And there was room for me...but I decided to back off so I can focus on my education. There are usually positions open for the employees who wish to "move up" with the company.

Work Environment:
You could probably gather from my comments so far that it's not the greatest environment. As I mentioned, when it's good: it's awesome! when it's bad: it's awful. It varies day-to-day. Which I think is really sad. It's unrealistic to expect to have 100% awesome days, but it should at least be 80% awesome days. Not a 50/50 thing. Respect really plays into this, too.

On a side note:
The thing I hate the most about working at Old Navy is the customers. I don't know if it's just our store or the fact that we're in Memphis or WHAT. But we get some of the nastiest, trashiest people. We also have a consistent ring of shoplifters who hit our store. And if you happen to be a white employee who try to confront the thieves, they respond with a bunch of comments accusing said employee of being "racist" and actually call the employee lots of lovely slurs. After the fact that this crap happens, it's kind of funny and provides a story. But, it's just a sad thing that shouldn't happen.
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