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From Rego Park, NY — 02/23/2009

The only reason I liked working there was because of my co-workers. I made a lot of good friends there who I still hang out with after having left the job over a couple yrs ago. The pay was good for a retail store. Most other retail jobs pay about $1.50 less per hr. I think the benefits are decent but they only offer those to full timers, which is extremely rare at Old Navy. In a store of about 40 associates, maybe 3 or 4 are full timers. I don't think anyone was fired due to bad performance, although some should have. I knew of people being fired for theft or bad attendance. Keep in mind, the managers are not CSI agents so, some people were falsely accused of theft and fired. Also they offer cash rewards if you report employee theft that leads to termination, which might encourage some shady accusations. One guy was fired for stealing a co-workers jersey from the breakroom caught on tape, another was fired for eating other coworkers food out the fridge on a regular basis. As a part timer you often get your hours cut if the store isnt doing well. After the holidays you might only work 8 hrs a week. During the holidays you might work 50 hrs a week, and anything over 40 hrs is time and a half so... that check will look real nice. If you can prove that youre capable of opening a lot new credit card accounts, you'll be rewarded with more hours regardless what time of year it is...hence more $ in your paycheck, and sometimes youre rewarded with prizes. The manager may offer movie tickets to the highest producer out of his or her own pocket, which is peanuts in comparison to the bonus he or she will recieve for managing a highly productive store. You will only be promoted from associate by...
1. Never saying no
2. Opening a million credit card accts per day
3. Smiling and harrassing every single customer in the store

Keep in mind, once you become a manager, outside of work...youre not allowed to socialize with all your associate buddies that youve made when you were an associate yourself. Crazy rule right!?! Well its true. If a manager sees that another manager and an associate both requested the same day off next week, the both of you will be investigated, and possibly fired. Don't let any jealous coworkers see the both of you guys hangin out somewhere either cuz you might get reported.

Working every single weekend will drastically limit your family time. Youll never be able to see your neice at her soccer game on saturdays, you will miss every baptism on sunday, along with all the chuck e cheese parties they have. Technically, leaving at 10:30pm, you can still go to a club after work but most likely youll be scheduled to work the next morning, so be ready to work with a serious hangover. I've done it, it sucks. I've seen ppl come into work in the morning straight from the club still drunk. You cant really blame them tho. Someone else on this forum said how they would have to inform mgmt that they would like to go home cuz their shift is over, and often times they will ask you to stay longer and make you feel guilty for saying no. Its a really ugly practice. My advice, take this job and do 1 of these 2 things.

1. Work your @ss off and become a manager as quick as possible then take your manager experience to a better employer. If it takes longer than a year, dont bother. Let your managers know what your goal is and hope they give you realistic feedback.

2. Take this as your 1st or 2nd job as a teenager or college student, then after a few months find a better job. Keep doing this until you retire. The more "serious" your job gets, the longer you stay at that position but, try to keep moving up within 3 yrs at the most, and never burn bridges!
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