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From Columbus, OH — 05/06/2009

Iíve worked at tOSU twice now. The span of time between the two times was 15 years and Iíve noticed a big difference between the place when comparing my first and second stint. The first tour of duty was much better than the first. This second stint has not been pleasant for a variety of reasons.

The biggest thing Iíve noticed is that the respect for administrative staff has been very low. Maybe itís the college I work in this time around, but staffers arenít respected very much at all and there is a definite hierarchy in place that puts faculty on tall pedestals above reproach.

As a staffer, Iím seeing disturbing signs that staff are considered replaceable cogs by upper administration. I have specific details in my individual situation which have been demoralizing on several levels, but Iíve felt utterly abandoned by administration this time around and Iím hearing similar comments from fellow workers.

The newest trend is not to promote within. Several qualified candidates have been passed over for promotions as administration has looked outside, passing up on experienced internal candidates. While I like to see a balance in this area, the pendulum has swung way out of kilter towards looking externally. This very demoralizing to all staff as that severely limits career paths for those that work diligently in their jobs and show loyality.

I would be surprised of OSU started seeing large amounts of turnover when the economy recovers.

All of this saddens me as I graduated from the institution and had a great time in my first position here. It is truly disillusioning.

On the upside, job security is high and the benefits are good, but I want to work for more than job security and a pay check. I want to have a purpose and also have respect. I donít think itís too much to have both.
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