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From CA — 02/06/2009

OfficeMax.. What an experience that was.. A good one at that though! I worked at the company for quite some time at the store level.

Pay: If you want to work in office supply retail, work at officemax. Their pay is above that of Office Depot and Staples for most if not all part time positions. This is due to the fact they are a smaller company but do keep in mind I felt it was "harder" to get hired at officemax than depot or staples due to this.. Which is a good thing!

Respect: Where I worked the store manager was AWESOME. Very compassionate man. The supervisors can push Maxassurance but its their job so they have to do it. Its up to you if you wanna fall suit.

Benefits: Dunno, I was part time.

Job Security: As long as you don't do something stupid your good.

Work Life: They are very flexible if you have another job or school.

Career Growth: If you wanna move up in the store you have to eat and breath and live officemax. One slight glimpse of "ugghh why do i have to do this attitude" won't get you there. You gotta put on a front while your there if you wanna move up. It makes sense if you think about it..

Location: Close by in most counties.

Co workers: Cool group of people for the most part. But again HUGLEY depends what store you work at. Every retail store always has that one HOT chick. Mine didn't :(
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