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From Polaris, OH — 11/08/2008

Pay: I was hired straight into the company at well over my state's minimum wage. With my previous sales experience as well as knowledge I feel I was hired in at a great hourly wage. If anything, at first, I was overpaid.

Respect: I would definitely say that at my store I have a lot of respect, even as an associate. My co-workers will ask me if I am in the area what to do and most of the time I can get them to go above and beyond. A few need a kick in the rear but for the most part they listen to me and let me remind you I'm one of the newer hires. The newest hires listen to me and I've helped train the one associate who is turning out to be a great salesmen, coworker and associate. The other, I've taught her a lot as well and she's fitting in absolutely great. It makes me sad when I don't work with them because we work like a well oiled machine. If a manager isn't available, other associates ask me what to do in terms of customer issues, cash register issues, etc. 75% of the time the managers will confide in me, ask for my opinion, etc.

Benefits: I've just recently been promoted and will be getting benefits but everything is offered to you in terms of medical, dental, etc. The YTO will be really nice to have as well as knowing that I will be scheduled at least 32hrs. Being a manager I'm sure I'll be working at least 40, however.

Job Security: I've never been worried about my hours or losing my job with the company. I took a full time job as an office manager for a local company and a few times was asked to come back and work my "full-time" hours. Now that I'm promoted, with my particular job I don't see how I would be cut as a loss from the company because unlike a lot of positions within a company, they've already reorganized and you really do need my job haha.

Work/Life Balance: I have one day a week I requested off to spend with my wife, every week. Any time I need the weekend off to go visit family, switch hours or anything, they let me - within reason. Yeah, they call me on my days off when someone calls off but what job doesn't? If I don't have anything going on I go in. If I'm busy they understand and don't penalize me or give me attitude. Some of us even hang out after work when we close sometimes.

Career Potential/Growth: I've run into the "not wanting to hire within the company" but with that I got "but I think you have potential and that you are the best candidate for the job". I've been promoted just recently and have only been with the company since March of this year. Given there haven't been but maybe two opportunities for advancement, I would say that's very good.

Location: The OfficeMax I work at is literally right behind my apartment, give or take 300 feet. Otherwise, there are stores in about a 15mile radius. Does it worry me with so many stores being close? A little but at the same time they are getting the volume they need to stay open and there isn't any competition amongst them in terms of customers and the stores losing sales.

Co-Worker Competence: I work with four real morons that are lazy as all get up and everyone else i awesome. I would say that the rest I could probably trust with my life if need be. The new hires are excellent, jump right in and are ready to go. We help each other in terms of coaching for sales and by joking/picking on each other, the day goes by quicker. The management reorganization was a good thing as all of the incompetent managers went "BYE BYE!".

Work Environment: I think that the store is fairly clean all the time. Management does an excellent job in keeping up with work orders, etc. The only thing I would like is a better vacuum cleaner to help with the appearance of the store and otherwise it needs interior painting. Management from in store through district is awesome. The DM is a great guy, HR is awesome and "LP" is great as well. They all know me by now I believe and are very easy to talk to. Same with in store management. If there is something we need for a task, we just store use it being that it's within good reason. All in all I work at a really great store and really like my job. So much that I really did quit that full time office manager job to come back.

As for attachments, MaxAssurances and CtrlCenters? The people complaining about management getting on them don't know what they are doing and it's obvious you don't either. That's not your fault. Your management team should be training you properly and you should know when, how and what to provide to the customer. You recommend a MaxAssurance but as a replacement/service plan. A customer is looking to purchase anti-virus for their new laptop or old PC, you show them PC Guardian or PC Restoration and later the McAfees, Nortons and AVGs. It's about presentation, knowledge and knowing how to build rapport and work WITH the customer. Find their needs and make it so they don't shop anywhere else but instead come into the store looking for you. I love working for OfficeMax and when I'm finished with my degree would like to continue working for them at the Corporate level.
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