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From Polaris, Ohio — 07/03/2008

Pay: I started as my first job for $7. The following year I was bumped up by "the largest raise they have" of 4%. About three months after that, I got a job at Staples for $8.50... they matched. I transfered to another Office Max. Went from $8 (took several months off... etc...) to $10 within a year (started in May, $10 by January) and since then have jumped up several times to over $14. I've always made more than my friends my age and it seems that if you do your job and help others do their jobs then the District Managers will take care of you. Plus, they don't shy away from overtime at my store so I get a healthy raise in pay from that. Also, the replacement plans and such -- if you really buy into them, you can make a lot of money off of them... in the range of a $3-$4 raise per hour.

Respect: Is great from within the store. If your store is performing then you get it from all sides. My manager has gone off a few times but in most cases if there is an issue with what I am doing it is as simple as explaining it to me.

Benefits: I have the option for dental and all that but don't do it. I just take the YTO which gives me about 28 days off a year. That's not too shabby considering they are all paid.

Job Security: Recently went through a huge restructure in which they removed a LOT of incompetent managers. I can honestly say that my district at least carries what I see as the best of the best managers -- as opposed to having that idiot. Nonetheless, that restructure hit my job security bar here. I've never worried about being fired, and definitely don't worry about the company failing (they are just becoming bigger and bigger and bigger). In my area, since being in Columbus for two years, I've seen 7 stores open and three more on the way.

Work/Life Balance: I am a full time employee and college student. I keep up with school work, go to work for 40+ a week and still have time to see my friends. The job isn't stressful so I have no real issues with leaving work upset.

Career: I've stepped from associate to KCS now. I know that when I finish college that there is a cushy corporate job that'll I'll probably take. If you work for the company and really help them meet there goals, you'll move up.

Location: I drive the extra distance by choice. There is an OMax closer but it is a lower volume store. I picked the highest in the market as it is much easier to get noticed.

Co-workers are awesome. Our store does a good job of getting rid of bad people and keeping the good.

Work enviroment is excellent. Part of your job is selling Replacement plans and our CTRL Center services. The thing is that if you do it right they are really really really EASY to sell and on top of that you make money off of selling them.

Overall, it is a great company to work for. I work here because I choose to. I've been offered other positions for slightly hire pay but stay where I am because in the end, I enjoy my job.
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