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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From North Carolina — 04/03/2008

To be positive I worked at Officemax for four years. Started out as a cashier knowing nothing at all..first job. The two dollar +/- variance never concerned me though. I rarely made a money mistake. I worked through high school non stop even with sports, games, and school. I never complained though. My starting salary seems low now at the time it was more than all of my friends. There was a problem when i didnt get a raise for almost two years but then after seeing how upset I was I was given a substantial raise to compensate. Siince then I had regular raises and was very pleased with my pay.

Respect: Ive worked for a few different stores and all I can say about that is it depends on the people our working with. My last store was by far the best...and my first the worst.

Benefits are awesome..Love having YTO...and the Insurance etc. is all good

Job security...Not sure about the business it seems to be making a huge turn around but I felt safe being that I knew pretty much everything there was to about the store

Work life balance I worked more than I should. What Life?

Career Growth..No doubt that I could have went somewhere just chose not to.

Location..Nice in town.

Co worker competence All first time jobs so they really didnt know much either

work environment...overall good
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