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From West Springfield,MA — 04/14/2009

I worked for Officemax for 5 years. I started as an assistant manager the promoted to GM. The comany closed all the stores in the Northeast which is why I no longer work there. The company was a great place to work. I had 3 different DM's and 2 were great while one was a torture. The one DM that was horrible had a self esteem issue or something. She ran her district with an iron fist with threats of firing but the company would never allow a termination unless it was warrented. The benefits were great and the pay on the high side for managers. Work life balance was actually rather good all year, the only time it was tough was during back to school but i rather do that then deal with Christmas which wasn't a big selling time for us. We would have extra payroll for the selling associates and this helped with the extra rush of that holiday selling season. Too bad they left the area, hopefully someday they return. If you can get a management position take it. The numbers the company is big on are your average ticket and maxassurance sales. There is pressure but not enough to make you lose sleep or stress at home. If your a hourly associate I guess your happiness depends on your managers and how they treat there employees.I gave them a -5 for job security because the store I ran had 12 years left on the lease and the store still closed (plus most of the stores in the norheast closed). When they annouced the closings all the DM's had to travel to all their stores on the same day to ell he GM's that the stores were closing in 3 weeks. That was sad.
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