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From Boise, Idaho — 02/16/2010

The downtown store is in a terrible location. It seems corporate picked it believing we would do well because of all the downtown offices, but now that Office Depot is all about tech sales, we are bombing. No one wants to drive downtown to buy a computer or a desk - most people are not aware of our loading dock, and simply think of the inconvenience of parking (since we have maybe five parking spaces out front, and the rest involves a long walk and the parking garage.)

Pay is not great - you will probably get minimum wage, unless you're very qualified, but for the work you have to do, it is not enough. You get a 10% commission on protection plan attachments, or more if your store does better, but that usually amounts to maybe 0.85 a paycheck - unless you're a member of tech depot, selling computers.

Respect is relative. Make the best of the situation as you can - the managers aren't GREAT, but they're doing a job just like you are. If you keep that in mind, you might not lose your sanity. You get what you put into it. One manager there is making it their job to make the work environment a pleasant one, but everyone else just wants corporate off their asses.

Benefits are okay, you get certain insurance plans after only 30 days of working with them. I'm not sure on all the specifics, but there's some fine print involving a waiting period for treatment on certain health issues.

Work/life balance is pretty good - if you need a day off, request it as far in advance as you can. Regardless, they're very willing to work with you on hours if you have school or other priorities. They haven't yet failed to give me the number of hours they promised me at day one - but expect to work for the hours.

The downtown store has such a high turnover, they aren't likely to fire anyone - but you will get yelled at if you don't do the work they expect of you, which includes high-pressure sales tactics (although they swear up and down that this is not their policy.) Expect to attach everything, and practice your sales techniques - even though you probably haven't been trained to do them. Office Depot offers no real sales training - ask your fellow employees for help if you feel comfortable.

Co-workers are fairly competent. Haven't had an issue yet. You may come across someone who's a bit cranky, but where doesn't that happen? It ain't no loving family environment, that's for sure, but it isn't the 9th circle of hell either.

Work environment would be better if it weren't for the location and the expectations placed upon you.
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