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From Seattle, WA — 07/22/2009

I have worked for office depot for over 4 years, and so far I have been pretty happy. Maybe that is because I dont plan on staying forever so I know this is just a job to get me by for now. The pay is okay, if you dont want to become a manager like I do not, it isnt the greatest, and only a 30 cent raise or so once a year doenst make it a high paying job. The respect I received was fine. I never felt disrespected, and when I moved to Seattle and transferred to a store here, that level increased because I was well trained and taken for granted at my first store. Benefits are expensive and not awesome. Job security, if you are not a manager as long as you do your job and dont whine, you have a job. Work/life balance is tough. If you are a manager that seems non existent. Regular employees often put in a lot of extra time also on days off to help get the store back in shape after a long bout of cut hours. Career growth, if you are in Spokane, where I started, its horrible. You will be waiting a long time for career growth. When I moved to Seattle I became a css2 in less than a month and got an almost $2/hr pay raise. The bad part is, its slow going now because I dont want to be a manager. Location, neutral. co-worker competence was great! I have had many great co-workers and managers. There are a few bad apples, but I have been lucky. Work environement is decent in my opinion. You come to work, put a smile on your face and people smile back! Its all about attitude! Overall, I think the problems are in the upper management. Being a lower level manager sucks! Being a regular associate with no goals further in the company and content to be in a pee on job, its great!
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