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From Reno,Nevada — 11/30/2008

Well, I started working for Office Depot almost a year ago now, I was unsure of how it was going to workout but my best friend got me the ticket in. I scored very high on the TSD and was giving an interview the very next morning. A week later I started there. The pay is alright, respect is what I would expect from the management group very fair, understanding in the aspect of if you need time off and if you need to leave early or what not, and lets not forget considerate of how much work is done. The benefits as full-time CSS-1 Stock Associate are great. I started out as a cashier which went great because a couple days later I was promoted to their morning stocker which worked out better for me because I like to have the rest of the day to visit with family and friends. The one thing that matters most of this job is that in this time of crisis with the economy its really important to keep working hard to maintain as many hours as I can, because as slow as it is now the less sales each store has which mean less hours for each store depending. The location is great its only 15 minutes away so not a bad drive. My co-workers are great whatever needs to get done is done in a timely fashion without question which is how I work manager tasks are done first without question before my own. Everyone works great with each other and everyone pulls their own work load so no problems there. The work environment is great, clean, faced up, and organized to how I expect the store to be. If there is one thing I could give to other employees of Office Depot, it would be: Just keep working hard and keep striving to deliver the best you can.
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