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From Alexandria, LA — 07/16/2008

This was my second job. I grew interested working there because my brother worked there for 3 years. And, he got very good benefits and respect. I started work in Feb. of 08, been there ever since. I've made amazing friends.. the managers are so nice nad understanding. I'm starting college in August. They are willing to work with your schedule. Our store manager believes that Education comes first. This is a great thing for me.

The pay is okay.. After a year you get a raise. So, I'm almost there.
The location is great.. only a 20 minute drive for me.
I usually have time to spend with my friends and have some time off. It's nice. Even though they tend to cut hours back ALOT .
I love the fact that our management will walk all the women out to our vehicles at night. Or they will get fellow male co-workers to watch us. I feel so safe!!

Its really not a bad job. I enjoy it. Even though back to school is starting again.. and all the crazy parents are coming in. AH!
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