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From Pensacola,Florida — 12/12/2007

The pay is ok. im a CSS-II, its nothing to brag about but ive been paid less. my store manager thinks i do a great job, but my district manager (who's office happens to be at the store i work at) hates me. he's always got something to say about me to my SM. luckly my SM backs me up because he knows that i bust my butt on the floor. my co-workers (in my dept) are lazy, so because i have no managerial athority they wont listen to me, and none of my managers like confrintaion so they leave it alone. our store hours have been cut in half since i started in 2005. i mean how are you supposed to run a store on 500 hours. i mean its impossible to do frieght, POG's, End Caps, sell 100% MB, assist every customer 20/20, and anything else when there is only 2 people in the department a day, and they are split shifts. i loved working for office depot when i first started, now im not so sure, i hope things start to turn around.or it may be time for a new job
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