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From New Jersey — 09/18/2007

This was my first job ever and I loved it. The company at the time (1999) had some different policies that it followed versus today. I have to thank that job for giving me the support and structure that i may have needed at the time. The pay was decent for starting off. benefits if you wanted them were very good... Overall I enjoyed going to work and working with my co-workers. I made several friends there as well as brought several friends to work with me. Unfortunetly the company downsized and they closed the store we worked for(which we all felt was a major mistake in our eyes). The bright side was they took care of most every employee with some type of compensation.

However I went back to work for the company about a year later and was not happy at all. I was promised management positions health coverage and all these different aspects but nothing was followed through. This was more of a store management issue versus a corporate. I ended up being worked like a dog and basically yelled at otherwise. The companies ethics and pride were just not there. The stores used to pride itself on being perfectly set up at all times, clean neat, with top notch customer service.... if any of these things lacked you were looking at getting into serious trouble. They changed their way of thinking more towards a fill the shelves with whatever you can just to fill it, don't worry about the customers we have a big selection and a better layout. Since I have left the company they have continued to go down hill with the ethics that they used to have. I feel they should look at what they had in the past and how it really did help the company.

Long live store # 622 We even were the store of choice of the safety video... (before the computer web training things)
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