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From Aurora, IL — 09/16/2007

I have been a supervisor, manager or business owner since 1991 for various companies in various fields. I usually rise above the expectations of others unless their ideas are really quite counter productive to business success. Since being at OD I have been promoted and seen nearly 11 people fired or quit for pathetic reasons (like having to show up). Most of the people who were here when I arrived had the mentality that they should receive a pay raise before their responsibility raises. I am from the school of thought that you EARN a pay raise or promotion by showing a sense of responsibility first, then are rewarded for proving you are an asset to the company. Some of us like to call that school of thought: "reality".
Whine if you must, but learn your lessons and become a person who will succeed no matter where you go.

I love my job...because I understand my job: to make my employer money and give them hard honest work. Granted...if they did not reciprocate with appropriate pay and benefits (that we both had agreed to) I would move on. However, I would not spend my time sulking, complaining, or ranting that I did not get a raise. YOU determine how much you make and what job you have. Don't blame your boss...if you don't like it be your own boss. Better someone else's boss and listen to their complaints. You will never again look at work the same.
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