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From Louisiana — 01/05/2008

Been at Ochsner for a couple of years now. The pay is so-so, depending on experience. Raises for hourly employees are around .25 or less. Really its not that great. People who have been there for 10 plus years make less than the new hires now! A new hire that came on after me with the same experience I had came in making more than me. Respect, very little from management. It is a servant leadeship style that they employ with their business department. Basically it means upper management says do it, you better do it no matter what it takes. This way of thinking is nuts to me. There is a book that is required reading there for a course they provide and its The leadership styles of Atila the Hun! I read it and found that he lead by intimidation and that is exactally what management there does. They intimidate the hell out of people here. There is so much overtime required that its not funny at times. If you dont work it the emails begin and then they threaten of writting you up for something trivial. There is lots of growth potential, its just that well HR can take up to 6 months to transfer people and by then some departments just opt to hire someone outside because it doesnt take as long. The location is great. My co-workers are okay and know just about as much as I do. The enviroment, sucks and for years they have said it will be changed. Its mold infested, old run down building. Not something that you would expect from a leading medical organization. The Business office is the worst office in terms of cleanliness. Its awful. If you give employees a nice place to work in the morale might get better. Overall the management style is horrible. My manager told me once that one should never say no to upper management if thats where you want to be one day. Even if the goal is unrealistic. From what I gather it was once a great place to work and now has gotten too big for its britches and hasnt taken a good look at itself internally.
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