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From providence ri — 03/14/2010

I've worked for Ocean State Job Lot for over 15 years and am PROUD to say so!! When ever I tell anyone where I work they always say " I love that Store" . I just finished reading every review on the company and am sorry that so many people are dis -satisfied with their jobs there.
I have worked in retail all of my working life, for very large retail corporations, where nobody higher than the manager in your store knew your name or cared to know it.

My experience with Job Lot has been incredibly warm. I have met all the principles of the company, and some of their children at one time or another in the store and they have always been respectful and kind to me.
I would also like to commend our new RM. She is a fantastic addition to the team. She takes the time to remember everyones name and always has something nice to say to the associates. She actually rolled up her sleeves to help with a office machine problem last week. I appreciated the effort!!

I understand that associates do not like rules, but the attendance and punctuality program is fair for everyone.
There is no gray area. Everyone has to follow the same program. No room for favoritism!!

I guess if I had one complaint, it would be the seasonal cut in hrs every year, I understand that the business slows down, but our lives as associates don't...we still have rent, mortgages, food bills, medical bills etc.

All in all I hope Job Lot stays strong and continues to grow...job security for those of us that love the LOT!!
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