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From Massachusetts — 01/27/2010

I have been employeed with Job Lot in the stores for a long time - more then 10 years and it is bother
some to read the negative comments on the company. There is no perfect company in the retail
world and every company is only as good as the face the Store Manager and Supervision puts on it.
The owners of Job Lot go out of their way to ensure the associates and management have a voice.

What company surveys their associates each quarter and actually pays attention to what they say?

What company surveys their Store management to see what they think of their Field Supervision?

What company purchases condo's in New Hampshire for Management to use free of charge to
give Management with families who may not be able to vacation or afford to go away the opportunity
free of charge.

What company gives free health care? It's a good plan, good enough that the owners of the
company have the same plan as the associates. All salaried management get free
health care on the first of the month after they start and Hourly Associates qualify for
reduced health insurance after 6 months and free after 1 year of service.

The answers to all are Job Lot. I don't write and say that frustrations don't come with the job but
what job has no frustrations. The company has been growing for the entire time I have been with
them and there is always opportunity to grow if your motivated and want to grow. It's easy for former
associates who have an ax to grind to find this web site.

After all - almost every company reviewed is negative here. I thought everyone may want to see
some reality.

If all of the above is not enough......
Job Lot donated over $1,000,000.00 to local food banks from the December food drive where the
owners match a percentage of the dollars donated, The company donated two truckloads of
summer type clothing to Haiti's relief and is currently building Schools in Cambodia to help the
much less fortunate. This company ROCKS.........

Give them a try and see for yourself.
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