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From Southern Region — 02/25/2010

My husband has worked for Oce as a digital tech for over 10 years. Our family has suffered because of my husband's work schedule, the decrease of pay (9%) last year, and the lack decent of management. The Director of Service in the Southern Region is a chump and treats the managers under him and the technicians like crap. The bonus was a joke considering the company wide pay cuts last year. In recent years the company has declined all around and the moral of their employees has suffered greatly. The management cares more about keeping their numbers in check so they will get their bonus checks while the technicians are going above and beyond for a company that couldn't care less. My husband would love to find another job, but he's so busy doing parts management and taking calls from clueless co-workers at night that he doesn't have time to look for something else. We both hope that Canon makes positive changes, especially in management, before it's too late.
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