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From Chicago,Il — 08/13/2009

Oce has become a less desirable place to work over the past few years. Job security is gone, benefits have been stripped away, work /life balance is no longer a consideration, but if your fortunate enough to still be employed it is still a good job. I bet if you were to offer the people who got laid off their job back with a little less pay they would take it.

Oce management is not the only problem, it is the printing industry itself. The business models of years ago are unsustainable in today's world. In other words there's no longer any huge profits to be made in Production or Wide Format printing. If you are in this industry you have seen for yourself customer's outputs are shrinking, and are going to continue to shrink. It's forecast that the construction industry won't bounce back for 20 years(Wide Format), and companies are starting to charge their customers extra if they get a bill in the mail(Production Print). Copiers haven't been profitable since the early 90's. The writing is on the wall, it's a shrinking industry. It's not going to die it will just be fewer people and fewer companies.

My suggestion to all these people posting all this angry rhetoric is get out of this industry and do something different. OH and be careful how much info you people give out here. They know who you are and they are watching...BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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