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From Chicago, IL — 08/06/2009

I have worked at OcÚ for over 20 years, and though we are going through some rough times right now, I still believe it is a great company to work for. What company is NOT laying off people right now and struggling to make ends meet?

I think that your working experience at this company really depends on the department you work for. I find that I am well respected for my knowledge by everyone I come into contact with from the guy who delivers the mail all the way up to the top. If you work hard, and do your job correctly there is much respect to be had.

On top of that, I believe that the OcÚ manufactured products are the best on the market and cannot be beat on any points. They are the luxury car of printers and you get what you pay for.

Do not discount OcÚ. We will survive.
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