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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From Fort Meade, MD — 04/07/2008

The pay for jobs like the one that Oberon offers are generally good, Oberon does seem to pay more, but the benefits seem to lack a little.

There is a lot of respect within the company up and down. The VPs are aggressive at making opprutunities for their employees and keep us resonably informed. They generally seem to care, in all the cases I have observed they have gone above and beyond my expectations.

Benefits are competitve, but not great. But the salary more than makes up for it in most cases.

Job security is one of the strongest points for Oberon. they are EXCELLENT at moving people around when contracts die to ensure that everyone continues to work. In my opinion they have gotten burned a few times by employees who jump ship on a whim.

I never have had work encroach in my personal life (with resonable expectation). But I am not on shift and our customer is very flexible.

I personally don't like the area because I dont care for city life, but it has some nice qualities.

Most of the people I work with have some sort of knowledge, albeit specialized, but as in all jobs you have those who don't know and don't want to know. They like to let everyone else work.

Work Enviroment is good. I work with a great group of guys and we hang out on our personal time.

Overall Oberon is a great company that is loyal to its employees (hardworking employees) and is reapdly growing. Hopefully that growth makes us stronger and does not ruin the enviroment.
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