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4.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Tucson, Arizona — 10/27/2008

If you are considering working for O'Rielly, I hope you will apply and make your own first-hand assessment of our company and the opportunities we offer. The name of this website alone -- jobvent? -- seems likely to us to attract mostly negative reviews. As support for this theory, the top 5 companies on Fortune's "100 best places to work" list rate +32, -73, -35, 9, and -22 on this site. And commenters' views can often be distorted or inaccurate; for example, one commenter cites high turnover in the Service Dept at O'Rielly, yet the facts are that we have 29 highly-skilled, hardworking technicians with more than 225 combined years at O'Rielly, including 8 who have been here more than a decade and 4 of those for more than 20 years! As a manager at O'Rielly, I've rated us a 4 in pay, because our pay is comparable to that of other dealers in the area, with many positions offering bonuses for outstanding performance. I've rated us a "3" in Respect and Work Environment simply because of the few negative posting on this site. These are extremely important areas to our management, and at the core of what has made this family-owned company successful in Tucson for more than 80 years, so any perceived failings should lower our score. I've given us "5" in Coworker Competence because of our focus on training, both for new hires and ongoing, in sales and service. I've given us a "5" in Location because of our central location, easy access to the bus lines, and proximity to Park Place Mall. And a "5" in Benefits, which I believe are more generous than most. Finally, "4's" in Job Security, Work/Life Balance, and Career/Potential Growth, because we value our employees and their families, always aim to promote from within, and recognize the mutual benefits of making available to our employees all of the training and professional development tools available to us. It's not a "5" because the positions require hard work and sometimes long hours. Feel free to come by and check us out.
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