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From Provo, UT — 03/17/2008

For the most part, enjoyed my tenure, however brief, at Novell. Pay and Benefits were pretty good considering other companies in this day and age. The biggest problem is the lack of clear direction from management. Constant re-organization and the most pathetic marketing of any large company I know. Let's create all these great products but not tell anybody about them...Stealth Marketing 101. Oh, yeah, let's not train our people on them either. Due to this, the company is constantly laying off people. They have quarterly layoffs like clockwork, in fact, two days after I started they had a huge layoff and every quarter I had to worry if I was going to get a pink slip. Many positions are eliminated or shipped overseas and south of the border. While Novell is going strong elsewhere in the world, they continue to decline here in the US. I hope they get over their identity crisis and figure out what they want to do when they grow up so that they can focus their efforts and finances in that direction. Good luck to all those who remain.
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