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From Minnesota — 03/11/2010

I've just started an internship with Northwestern Mutual and since I have started I've been trying to figure out whether this is a good company to be working for and is this a good career move for me. I have read probably hundreds of reviews on the career itself, the Company's products, and whether or not they work within the self-interest of each client they sit down with. I have focused most of my review readings on all the people who spoke negatively against whole life, the Company's behavior, and taking Northwestern Mutual as a career. I have read countless reviews saying that a Financial Representative is just a glorified used cars salesmen and just starting out your going to be selling a bunch of useless, overpriced life insurance policies to your family and friend. Being the beneficiary of a life insurance policy myself, I cannot stress the importance of owning life insurance. I think a lot of people who right these negative comments either have no experience with the effect life insurance can have or have lost sight in the reason why its important to own it. Consequently, did not last long as a Financial Rep. I have also read that all interns and some full time Reps are incompetent and ignorant on the different products Northwestern Mutual offers and calling yourself a Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual is simply a joke! In response, like all aspects of this career it requires you to take your own initiative to educate yourself and keep updated on the different investments, insurance, and Northwestern Mutual products. I know a lot of Reps who take a great deal of pride calling themselves Financial Representatives for Northwestern Mutual. These are the people who have taken their series 6,7,8 exams and read the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis and get up early to watch CNBC. These are the people who are successful at this career, because they are the ones who are truly interested in helping their clients by keeping up-to-date on important issues effecting their clients. Another major negative remark I read repeatedly was that when you sell to your friends and families you will worsen your relationships with those closest to you and you'll end up having no friends, because they will look at you as simply a salesman, always trying to weasel more money out of you. I find this wrong on so many different levels. Since I have started I have met so many new people/friends, who are excited to share their goals with me and tell me things they haven't told anyone before. I have reconnected with old friends and began new friendships with people I have sold to.

I cannot speak for all the people who wrote negative comments they obviously all have their reasons in why they do not like the company, but from going through hundreds of these reviews I have realized that if you want to see this career as a great opportunity in which you can really help some people in this world you will and you will be good at it, but if you want to believe that a Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual is simply a glorified used cars salesman that sells garbage products that serve little purpose you will. From personal experience I honestly believe this company does a great deal of good and I am really excited about making this a career. Its your opportunity, you do what you want with it!!!
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