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From minneapolis, MN — 03/04/2010

I joined Northwestern Mutual in 1977 as a college intern, and it was the best thing I ever did. Sure, I struggled in the early years and probably succeeded due to fear of failure. People suggest that we were simply insurance salemen back then-and it's actually very true. Looking back at all the life and disability income claims that Northwestern has paid my Clients, selling insurance is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I wear it as a badge of honor.

You see, life is not always fair and bad things do happen to good people. And when people are someday at their worst-then I'm at my best and I help them keep their families and loved ones together. I know I truly make a difference in their lives-at a most critical time in their lives.

And when the Market crashed in 2008-into early 2009, my clients permanent life insurance policies were a godsend for them. I had businessowners taking large policy loans to meet payroll and pay business loans-when the bansk were not lending money.

And Northwestern truly has evolved into a full service financial planning entity. I compete very successfully for millions of my Clients and prospects investment plan dollars, IRA's, SEP's, 529 plans, etc.

And my last three disability income claims in 2009 into 2010? Northwestern Mutual paid each claim on the spot-and still is paying. And the other carriers? Fighting tooth and nail to get them to pay-for what should be obvious claims...People have no idea just how Policyholder driven and focused Northwestern Mutual truly is. It is the epitome of what a purely mutual company truly should be.

Few people know that Northwestern Mutual actually paid Civil War claims on three Union soldiers. Imagine that...actually being with a company that paid claims during the time of Lincoln!!!

This career is not for everyone-it's too bad, sad actually that I read the naysayers comments on this site. Yes, I know, it is a tough business, but for those able and willing to persevere, the sky truly is the limit.

And being with Northwestern Mutual means never having to say you're sorry to a Client. And there's nothing more important than that.
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