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4.2Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Green Bay, WI — 02/17/2010

My ratings are true to my experience, however, they don't properly reflect the way I feel about the company. I was given an excellent opportunity to make a long life career out of helping the people in my community. I was a Financial Representative for about a year several years back. I hated my job but I loved what I did. You need to be a confident salesperson at heart or you won't be able to pick up that phone day in and out. I had the conviction in what I did and in the product, but not in my ability to represent the product properly. To this day I own several policies through NML and have since opened policies on the rest of my family. I am happy I didn't stick around to sink further because I didn't have what it took and the commission base would have put me in a hole so deep it would have taken years to climb out of. However, I believe in reality that is our job as adults, to make a responsible decision for ourselves and our families as to whether or not we are in the right field for our own mental health and well being as well as our finances. If you don't have it, you don't have it, but that is why their turn around is so high, many people don't have it. If you ever have the opportunity to see how life insurance has impacted someone close to you, you will understand why NML is still around and why they are a world class leader in their industry. Not all the agents are there for the same reasons, but the bottom line is they are all selling a good product. And like any industry, you will have the shovenistic jerk you wish you could hit over the head with a club, but you will also meet really amazing people like you and me who started out at the bottom somewhere, sometime. Overall, my experience with NML was out of this world and life changing. It was difficult, to say the least, but helped me see what was true and real is this world and how important it is to protect that.
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