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From NML, NY — 01/23/2010

I have read many of the reviews from different parts of the country. These reviews do not reflect the company as a whole accuratley. Every local office has different atmosphere and training environment. They are all based off of the NML home office training, recruiting, development guidelines, but could be implemented very differently at every office. If you are interested in a career in financial sales NML is a very good company to do that in. Yes, when you start their is a focus on risk based products ( Life insurance, Disability ins. etc), but any good planner would know that is the foundation of the planning process. They offer a very structured training program (dependent on local office), they offer a very good commission structure (if you make sales), and they are one of the most respected life insurance companies. When you start this career know that you are not going to reap any of the benefits until later in your career, but with hard work they will come.
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