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From Chicago — 12/09/2009

This is a tough business. The mental stress and pressure is not for everyone, however I can honestly say there is nothing else I could do for a living now that I have been with my firm for 3 years. The key to success in this business can be attributed not only to hard work, but also to the realization that you are going to piss people off at times. I really don't care what people think of me or of what I do anymore. If they want help, I will work incredibly hard to listen to them and help them achieve financial security. If you cannot handle that, donít come into this business.

However there are some very meaningful things that you will do in this career. Yes it sucks to call on friends at times, but the reality is if you don't someone else will; or even worse no one will and something terrible could happen. Itís worth it. I have had people cry in my office talking about the strains they have gone through with regards to their finances and I have been able to help them in so many ways. People don't save money; people don't think about how to plan; it's incredible the impact you can have on someone's lives just by listening and helping them think through how to be financially secure.

If you are interviewing for an assistant position, my heart goes out to you. I am a terrible boss, and most FRĎs are. However that is not a reflection on the company, but on the individual you work for. Have him/her be very clear what the expectations of you are, and if they are not doing what they say they are suppose to do, call them out. I have an amazing staff; and they donít put up with my crap if I donít do my job and keep us organized, they let me know. Some of my colleagueís assistants make 100k, you have to work hard to get there, but it is possible.

The other thing about this business that you need to know is that it is a business. Itís not a sales job, or even a job for the matter. It truly is owning your own business, if you donít think in those terms, you will not be successful. I have seen people come and go through out the last 36 months. it's not just about who can sell, it's about being efficient with your time, and following up with people.

If you are a woman looking at this career, you have your work cut out for you. I am with the most successful firm, and we have very few women, that is not a reflection on my firm or its training, it a fact that this business is hard, people are stupid and sexist and you have to get over it, because you can be super successful and be a female in this career.

Hopefully this was helpful!
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