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From Boston, MA — 11/25/2008

I worked with Northwestern Mutual for over three years and quite frankly, there is not a better company to be affiliated in the financial services industry. The company remains incredibly strong event during these turbulent times and the people around you are world class.

As a young professional I have been able to develop my own business and clientle and earn a great living, close to 100k my first year out of undergrad. If you are hard working, like meeting with people and have the self discipline to form the necessary habits to be successful, this is a great career for you.

It gives you ultimately felxibility. There is very little restriction from management. In fact they only exist to do their best to help you succeed.

Ultimately, whether or not this career is right for you is for you to discover, by reading a few simple posts on a website should not make or break your decision either way. The best way to find out how this may work for you is to inquire!
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