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From saint louis, mo — 07/16/2008

I am currently in the internship and i am loving it. For all those people who say it is a scam they are ignorant. Yes, its easy to call your family and friends first, but you can call who ever the hell you want. Yes you also start off selling life insurance, but if you know anything about finance and investments, you'll realize how great this product actually is. You can get certified to actually do investments later on in your career. As for the work, its difficult because no one ever calls for advice. Stats on fortune say that 90% of people would want financial advice, but they just wont call. You have to be persistent in this business. If you cant handle rejection well, then dont try this because its not for you. The commission for interns is about 50% of what you sell. For first yr full time reps. its about 80%. You make your own schedule and if you listen to what they tell you to do, then you cant fail.
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