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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Richmond, Va — 07/09/2008

Pay: its tough to highly complement the pay for this company cause even from day one, you come in and start out as fully comission based. You may have the possibility of getting some kind of compensation to pay rent while you're in training, but its definitely not something you wanna try to live off a for a while. Its very tough starting out fully comission based, but if you stick it out and really have tunnel vision and focus only on work for 2-5 years, you will be successful and prosperous at this company.

Respect: So many times, people complain on this website about respect from co-workers, and the only reason you wouldnt get respect at Northwestern is if you don't do the work you're required to do. If you simply follow the formula that they lay out for you, you will garner the respect you want and deserve

Benefits: Descent package with a number of options

Job Security: Do what they ask you to do, and even if the numbers dont work out and people dont buy your product, then Northwestern people will recognize the effort you're putting in and know that sometimes there's nothing you can do to make people purchase one of the best products out there.

Work/Life Balance: You make your schedule. Balance it how you want

Career Potential/ Growth: The sky is the limit here. You really have potential to go places. Receiving renewals off of old policies and comissions on current sales makes a big difference. The insurance industry is fairly backwards compared to most industries. In the beginning you work your tail off and get little compensation, and in the end you dont do any work and get compensated like crazy. Stick it out and you can really soar

Location: Good. There are satellite offices all over the place with offices in most large cities

Co-worker competence: Absolutely Fantastic. These are all top rate people. Northwestern really believes in their people and the fact that training and development is very important. Northwestern puts a lot of time and money into its workers and that really makes everyone there first rate. Not to mention the selection process is super strict, so they definitely dont let anyone slip through the cracks

Work Environment: Its really what you make it into, because so many times you will be doing meetings in a coffee shop. I personally enjoy the idea of not having to sit behind a desk all day. I do that for an hour a day and then im out of the office the rest of the day.

There is one last thing I'd like the speak on and that is the fact that I read a number of reviews that said they pressure you to sell products to your family, and honestly that is completely wrong. Northwestern gives you the opportunity to contact anyone that you want to. Yes naturally we are going to go to the people closest to us first, but if you expect to get anything out of this profession you need to be comfortable with meeting new people on a regular basis. If you're not then of course you're gonna try to slap your family members over the head with your products. That's simply because you don't have the skill set that is needed to be successful at Northwestern.

Northwestern is a first class company and if you have the desire to get out and meet new people and the drive to be successful, then this is the place to be
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