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Job Security5
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From MSP — 10/07/2008

Working for NWA for nearly 30 years hasn't always been great, but I can tell you it has never been horrible. I have never been lied to by management, which is more than I can say for the association that has their name on our representation. We have been told that there will continue to be a hub in MSP and no mechanics will lose their jobs due to the merger. We have spoken with both current NWA management and Delta management. They are as up front with what will be happening as one could want them to be. The angry mechanics took their leave at the strike - we have a much better work environment without their anger. Delta has expressed their pleasure with the current work force of mechanics and has even said that having those who have not been called back on the payroll in the future is not an option for them. They have no desire to hire trouble makers. Overall - show me another job with the flight benefits, health benefits, job security, and the respect NWA shows for their employees - those jobs are few and far between.
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