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From Minneapolis, MN — 08/01/2007

I have worked for many Fortune 500 companies, and this was my first working for a company battling bankruptcy. I'm not a big whig with anything worth bragging about, but I've been impressed with the intelligence and stamina of the leadership. My boss and his boss have worked weekends, nights, conference calls, 24/7, to do whatever was needed to keep these hunks of metal in the sky. No egos. No complaints. They've been dinged a lot by people who want life guaranteed for them, and life isn't made like that. They have no guarantees, yet I've seen them sacrifice their personal lives for the benefit of the entire company - even those who ding them. When most companies would have sent everyone home with cardboard boxes filled with personal stuff, I feel good that we're all still here trying to make this company better for the future. There have been a lot of smart decisions made, but we won't see the effects of them for awhile (like any econ professional would tell you). Anyway I'm glad I moved here. I love the cities. My kids go to good schools. I bought a small, but nice house. I have more opportunity at NWA than I've had in Detroit and in Chicago combined. The problem is most of the unhappy people at NWA have never worked anywhere else to really know what they have and how good the company really is. Just look at the paper or the magazines and see how much other CEOs make. NWA's is nothing. Also what people need to get is that the higher you climb, the fewer there are of jobs. It's the econ law of supply and demand. Less means more. Fewer CEO jobs mean they make more pay because if they get fired, they can't easily get a job somewhere else. So all the cracks about mgmt super bug me. Everyone picks a career path, accept your choice. I accepted mine, and seriously, I couldn't be happier. It beats flippin burgers and digging graves.
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