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From MSP — 12/26/2006

I just started working again as a mechanic since my seniority was so high. I stayed out during that damned strike dragged on by retarded union leaders and let me tell you, it was the worst time of my life and I searched all over and couldn't find anything better than NWA at my age. I didn't have the heart to cross the pickit line out of loyalty to my fellow workers, but I have little problem with those who did because of our horrible AMFA union. As for NWA itself, no one is going to deny that it's not the company it was and the pay plus benefits are a lot worse. but it's still a far cry from trying to find anything else out there when you are over 50 and just trying to finish your career. IF it survives, it may bea decent place to work for new guys looking for a career. I can't say. So overall NWA is a good place for a mechanic to start or finish a career at this point, if you can. It isn't a good place if you are looking to move up for many years of job stability. The strife created by the unions is also terrible, since the strike nearly cost me my job forever. I think NWA can best be described as a 'lesser evil' compared to the other companies out there with much less pay, poorer benefits, and unskilled workers.
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