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From newport news, va — 01/22/2010

The good: JOB STABILITY: Warship Shipbuilding (Aircraft carriers and Submarines) are of course backed up by goverment contracts. The shipyard will never close as they will always have to build new and also maintain the current ships for UNCLE SAM.NEWPORT NEWS is very uniqe shipyard, only nuclear carrier yard. In todays economic world stability is key: When you have young kids to raise, a mortgage to pay, having a stable income is crucial. The pay is good, benefits are good and advancement comes standard as you progress thru the years and do reasonably well. Level of stress on the job is low, it is easy to do well as long as you try and show effort.

The bad: ENVIRONMENT and ASS KISSING LEADERSHIP. When you work for any large defense contractor, there are some different things that go with it as opposed to a private non government backed industry. THINGs move at a much slower pace, borderline on boring sometimes, the level of technical skill is average, few guys have top knowledge 80% of the rest help out with routine and easy non challenging clerical tasks. Not a place for someone that wants to be involved with leading edge challenging professional work. It seems like they have a welfare system set up: they hire all sorts of people especially minorities (which is good) but it also seems like they took a lot of warm bodies just to comply with the navy requirements. It doesnt matter if you just sit there do easy tasks, you get paid for being a WARM BODY. There are more people working that it will actually take to do the job, but since they get paid for filling the number of hours they charge to the navy contract it is ok. End result: STAGNANT POND.
ASS KISSING and booty smooching take precedence over anything else. Not to say that hard work doesn't pay off, but if you know how to work the politics by kissing up you can end up doing little and still get the good raises and more praise.
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