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3.2Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Newport News VA — 07/22/2009

Pay is above average but I have been there several years, there were some adjustments that improved things to all in my sector.

Respect is earned not given, get off your dead $@* and prove something before asking someone to respect you as a worker. Having said that there is animosity between groups within the sector and my peeps/I tend to get pushed on to achieve without much thought about quality. Also one slacker in the bunch brings the whole group down, be careful about the company you keep

Benefits are standard with this company, 401k, health care options flex hours

Job security is and will be solid as long as you can deal with the normal office politics and political manuvering.

Work/ life balance- Work as much as you can stand then some more, overtime is always available, can be a burden. Can be particularly stressful when dealing with growth work and meeting deadlines. Many meetings that go no where fast and lack direction. Let's go wander in the dark forest shall we.

Career growth- big opportunities as long as you can deal with the hours and commitment

Location is okay but hard to enjoy while working

Coworker competence/ Work environment- Some people will need motivating with a cattle prod which brings other actual workers down. I find that most of the problems involve motivation because annual raises are uniform for over and under achievers and get same results usually. Forget the annual review, go for promotions but be prepared to deal with the extra time associated with. If you are not interested in advancement show up regularly and try to push things forward and you will shine.
Lack of competence can slow a job but some people who lack competence generally try harder to learn in my environment. Many personality quirks to deal with in this environment, some people should have a psych evaluation after several years but I suppose that adds to the office fun.
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