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From Huntsville, alabama — 05/15/2009

Pay seems good, certainly more than I have made in my career. Respect seems to be neither good or bad but who looks for respect anyway. Benefits are outstanding for the amount of money paid. Job Security is fairly good, if you are halfway decent at your job and are not a boat rocker. Work/life balance, HA! Expect to work weekends and your days off. This Business unit has a 9/80 schedule which means every other friday off, well maybe if the schmucks who did not plan well require people to come in to make the deadlines. Here the schedule is god, quality is subject to the number of shortcuts taken to complete the work. Career growth, excellant if you are a minority. Location, the only other worst place I have ever lived is New Jersey. Ride your bicycle to work maybe? Only if you have a death wish! Co-worker competence, here are some of the smartest people I have ever worked with, although half seem to have a chip on their shoulder. Work environment is decent but thats all I can say about it. I am working on getting a transfer outof here, the sooner the better.
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